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Hugh Dancy photographed by Chiun-Kai Shih [x]

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date someone who uses their turn signal

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Frank Ocean - Bad Romance (Lady Gaga Cover)






Frank Ocean - Bad Romance (Lady Gaga Cover)



what is this noise. no way could this actually have been a lady gaga song at one point. omg. dying. 



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Anonymous said: Do you think that Marvel could have introduced another superheroine in phase 2? I'm not talking about something huge but maybe a few scenes here and there. Do you think there was space in any of the movies?




lol they easily could have introduced more female characters at any point during the avengers franchise. there is no narrative reason why not. the story arc of the marvel cinematic universe was not carved onto stone tablets by god.

there is “space” in literally every single marvel movie to add more female characters or introduce another superheroine. here are some obvious suggestions:

  • give frigga and sif more screentime in Thor & Thor 2, possibly by removing one of the Warriors Three.
  • make coulson and/or sitwell women.
  • make 50% of incidental characters women, instead of 10% or whatever it is right now.
  • introduce a superheroine in literally any marvel movie to date, in the same way that hawkeye had a cameo in thor.
  • introduce a superheroine during a post-credits sequence like quicksilver & scarlet witch. for example, a female supersoldier being created secretly at the end of the first captain america movie.
  • make any of the supervillains or their henchmen female. for example, replace brock lumlow (CATWS) with an equivalent female character from the comics.
  • cut 5 minutes of action sequences from the avengers movie and use that time to show the origin of a female character mutating thanks to a chitauri weapon.

it’s not a matter of “space.” if they can make space for a bunch of agent coulson cameos and an appearance from stan lee in every single movie, they could’ve introduced a superheroine or at least made half of the background characters female. they just decided not to.

Or, it could be due to the fact that the avengers in the original version is made up mostly of men and the fact that many of the female heroes didn’t appear until much later on? Or due to the fact that they involved heroes that already appeared in previous movies. They couldn’t just randomly insert a new female hero, or hero in general, into the avengers for a couple of scenes as it wouldn’t make sense, all the heroes involved were there for the whole thing, you knew about them from previous films and so it made sense. As for making some characters a different gender, why should they? Except for some spin offs, all the characters have remained that gender, with recent exception of the female thor throughout their comic book and tv series life, it wouldn’t make sense. And in regards to your minor characters thing, they wouldn’t exactly go, right, that’s enough guys/gals, now only hire the opposite gender. They went, she/he is good, they’re in, she/he is not good enough, not in this time.

Once again: LOL, because you’re so wrong.

What about Wasp? She was an ~original Avenger, but has been erased from the franchise. Plus, all of the main characters in the Avengers movies have been changed from the comics, in everything from backstory and relationships to personality traits. 95% of the people buying tickets to these movies have very little knowledge of the comics anyway, never mind who showed up first or for how long. Marvel Studios can do whatever the fuck they want. 

Marvel Studios MADE Iron Man hot property. They MADE Hawkeye a central character. They MADE Thor into a blockbuster success, despite the fact that a) it’s an unabashedly weird concept for the genre, and b) it’s a relatively obscure comic compared to, say, the Hulk. And they changed A LOT in Thor, picking and choosing from various different continuities and just plain making up a bunch of stuff. For example, making Jane Foster an astrophysicist, or changing Heimdall’s race, or introducing characters like Erik Selvig and Darcy Lewis.

If you’re saying, “they can’t just randomly insert a female hero,” then what do you think of Hawkeye? Marvel did EXACTLY THAT when they gave him a cameo in Thor, just to introduce the character. There are plenty of female (and non-white male) characters who could have been introduced just as easily throughout the franchise: Captain Marvel, Mockingbird, or a Black Panther cameo somewhere in the Iron Man trilogy. You could have She-Hulk as the Avengers’ lawyer. 

As for side-characters, I’m talking about people who provide 2 lines of exposition or drive a truck or stand around in the background as minor SHIELD agents, etc. Very nearly all of those characters are men, and usually white men. There is no ~artistic reason for this.

When introducing a new SHIELD agent or whatever, the writers are MAKING THESE CHARACTERS UP. They’re not interviewing fictional characters and being like, “Well, admittedly our team is already 90% men, but oh boy, this guy is perfect for the job so we’d better hire him!” 

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Anonymous said: Where is the good Harry Potter fanfiction hiding? The amazing, well written, fluffy stuff with great characters and moments? I know it must be out there somewhere on ao3 but whenever I try to venture in I can only find... weird, weird stuff. Any help would be greatly appreciated :) You are one of my fave fanfic authors so I figured I would give asking you a go x







I’m so sorry - I don’t think I’ve ever read a purely HP fic (and I’m assuming fusions wouldn’t count although I’ve read a few fantastic ones!)

All I can do is point you at a reccer I follow for TW who also recs HP and that might give you a starting point/some good fics you haven’t read: blue_meridian.

Oh. This kind of question makes me so sad. Because it reminds me that there is a whole generation of fandom out there that probably doesn’t know about the wonder of Polyamorous Recs. Run by Nestra  and Shrift, this is where you’ll find better-than-solid recs for all the classics of mid-to-late 90s and early 2000s fandom. HP, Due South, The Sentinel,  Buffy & Angel, Sports Night, Highlander, Smallville, and then tons of newer stuff and smaller fandoms too.

Sure, some links are dead now, but my god, it was LIFE BLOOD for the multi-fannish reader looking for fic “back in the day.”  They’ve got 200+ HP fics recced, and those will give you a foundations of authors you might like and be able to find more of on AO3 and links to non-AO3 sites with more solid HP fic.

AO3 is amazing, and searching with a Kudos or bookmarks cut-off can yield great results in pretty much any fandom. But it’s not always going to be where to find the best fic for fandoms that preceded its existence. Even a lot of folks who are still active in fandom and have AO3 accounts still haven’t migrated all their older fic over for whatever reason. (God knows I haven’t.)

Polyamorous Recs: for your older fandom surfing pleasure (and still updating).

Cosigned. Shrift and Nestra are great (and omg I’ve known them over 10 years now).

Also, that I have lived to see a day when people COULD NOT EASILY FIND DECENT FLUFFY HP FIC. *weeps* I am so old, I swear circa 2005 that’s all there was on the entire internet, reams of 250k+ fic in all possible pairings.

(Victoria P/musesfool/cacchieressa also has a very long running and still maintained recs site)

Yes, this. A million times this.  At least once a month, I still dig into Poly Recs to read my favorite old gems from West Wing, Farscape, Alias, etc. And the misc section is truly a treasure trove. 

Aww, you guys.

For those who don’t know, Nestra and I co-run Polyamorous Recs, which is somewhere around 13 years old and would be celebrating its coming of age if it were a human, so in internet years, it’s an ancient obelisk.

We still update it and fix broken links wherever possible to combat the heat death of the universe. There’s only two of us, so we can’t cover every fandom, but we do get around. And it’s worth attempting to recruit one of us into your fandom if you’re looking for fic to read because we’re still pretty skilled at turning over the internet and shaking it until good stories drop out of its pockets… and also skilled at complaining bitterly when the only thing that drops out is a lint-covered Life Savers in banana flavor.

Back when I was a wee!fangirl I literally would check Polyamorous Recs every. single. day. in hopes that there had been an update. It was extremely extremely formative to my fannish development. 

Ron had just made Harry feel rather better by telling him how he told the examiner in detail about the ugly man with a wart on his nose in the crystal ball, only to look up and realize he had been describing the examiner’s reflection.

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